“To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in others.” ~Anne-Sophie Swetchine.

This morning I went onto the “reader” tab of my wordpress and typed in “love” … finding all recent posts tagged with love.  What an uplifting start to the day!

This short little post about people-watching made me think of William Nicholson’s play Shadowlands.  In the play, C. S. Lewis’s wife is suffering and he reminds her that all this life is temporary and that her pangs of discomfort are merely shadows.  It’s a beautiful moment because he is saying the same thing to himself, suffering emotionally for her sake.  Ultimately, in the play, even their love is a shadow to this temporary glimpse of life.  But what a shadow it is!

I am verry sloowly writing a little series of good role-models for men and boys (part 1, part 2).  Shortly after researching and writing about Jean Vanier’s openness, accountability, and selflessness, our brother posted this, an excerpt from one of his projects, offering the answer to world peace (sort of).

It all comes back to how beautiful and important we all are.  The fleeting nature of our lives strikes me in two ways.  First, that less matters than we think matters: our creature-comforts, our differing opinions, our triumphs, failures, insecurities and validations, … are all just passing shadows over the path of our lives.  Secondly, that much more matters than we think matters: because each life (indeed, each moment) is so delicately little, it needs care.  Every judgment we make lasts longer than what is being judged.  Every dismissal kills an opportunity.  Every attack lengthens a terrible shadow.

Lets try to be a little more like this loving blogger, and choose to make the precious bountiful, and the foreign familiar.

Choose no fear.  We’re only around for a little while anyway.

-Ciaran Myers

Smile! The world is delicious!


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One Response to “To love deeply in one direction makes us more loving in others.” ~Anne-Sophie Swetchine.

  1. Kozo says:

    I love how you chose to start your day with love. Beautiful post. Thank you for the pingback.

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